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Frequently Asked Questions

Down for Whatever Landscape Solutions
  1. When would services start?
    Your membership would start the day of sign up.
    Blow outs - September thru October after sign up/renewal
    Start ups -  April after sign up/renewal
    Sprinkler Tune Up - Anytime after start up and before blow out
    Other Services - Anytime within one year of sign up/renewal

    If you sign up for the Red package in August you would get a blow out in the fall and a start up in the Spring. Your discount on repairs would be 5% for one year from your sign up/renewal date.

    If you sign up for the White package in August you would get a blow out in the fall, a start up in the Spring and then a tune up any time within one year of the sign up/renewal date (between April and October). 

  2. Can I add services at any time?
    Yes. Additional services may be added at any time.   If qualifying services are added then your discount level will be adjusted accordingly.  So, if you start in the Red package and then add a service that would put you into the White package and your repair discount would increase from 5% to 10%.

  3. Do I have to pay now when I sign up?
    No.  Once you sign up you will start to receive your repair discount for the package that you signed up. However, if you pay Annually versus paying as the services are provided you will save more money.
    Also if you sign up and pay by August 31 you will get an additional 5% off of your membership price.

  4. What is a tune up?
    Click here for answer.

  5. What is a start up?
    Click here for answer.

  6. What is a blow out?
    Click here for answer.

  7. What services are included as qualifying services in this program?
    Start Ups, Blowouts, Tune-Ups, Retro Fit, Efficiency Testing and Evaluation, Head Cleaning and Adjustments, Controller Setting, Lawn Aeration, Lawn Fertilizing Dethatching. More available soon! Call for pricing of these services.